Auckland – The Capital of NZ

 Queen Street

This is the main strip of Auckland and there is a lot to do and to see. There are a number of places to go shopping, a number of different restaurants, and there is plenty of pubs that offer nighttime entertainment. This street is home to many international theaters and live music. The Sky Tower will allow a person to get a view of the entire town and surrounding areas.

 Wyn Yard Quarter

This area is a newly develop area and a waterfront. Here a person can take a boat or a fishing tour. They can also enjoy some dining and there are a number of outdoor activities on the edge of the water. There are plenty of activities for families as well.



This is one of the hippest streets in the area. There are a number of boutiques and cafes. This area in the sophisticated part of the city. It is known for having lively entertainment at night.

 Karangahape Road K Road

This road is known for having a number of art exhibits and art activities. This road has plenty of nightlife activities. There are contemporary art exhibits as well as live music events that happen often.

 Mission Bay

This bay has beaches with white sand and a number of places to sit and enjoy the scenery. There is a trail right along the water and plenty of places to sit and have a picnic. This is just 15 minutes from the main part of the city. Mission Bay is one of the best-known beaches in Auckland.

 St. Heilers

This is one of the most beautiful open areas in Auckland. A person can visit the beachfront and find a great place to eat on the water. There are a number of bike trails and walking trails. A person can even enjoy the water if the weather is hot and have some fun.

 Mount Eden

This area mixes modern culture with natural activities. My friend Sam who does bathroom renovations Auckland told me A person can walk to the top of Mount Eden which was once a volcano. Now this volcano is not active and a person can get a view of Auckland from the top of it. They can also find a spot to have some lunch as part of their like. There are a number of modern and hips shops on the way up this volcano as well.

These are some of the best things to do while visiting Auckland. There is so much to do in the city and there are many nature activities as well. There is something for everyone and a person can really love New Zealand with their visit to this main city.